Pharmakeia by lucifer

Tor House Robinson Jeffer's home in Carmel Calif.

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Inside Crackland:

.......the open-air drug market that São Paulo can’t stop! 

The brazen drug scene of Cracolândia is unlike nearly anything in any city in the world – hundreds and sometimes thousands of addicts, congregating openly in the city’s bustling downtown core. Every mayor thinks they have a solution

Oxy crack-town

Screenshot mobile display.

“It’s a horrible life. You don’t eat. You don’t sleep. Any money you can get goes on crack,”
says Felipa Drumont.


Brazil shares porous borders with all of the main cocaine-producing nations:
Bolivia, Colombia and Peru.

This is a classic example of the ‘war on drugs’ approach that for decades has failed to reduce drug use says...César Muñoz

São Paulo is also the base of Brazil’s most powerful drug trafficking gang,
the PCC “First Command of the Capital”.

Authorities say the PCC plays a controlling role in supplying Crackland.


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