Pharmakeia by lucifer

Tor House Robinson Jeffer's home in Carmel Calif.

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lucifer lies about Jesus Christ ALL the time

We are bombarded with lies from lucifer every second of everyday! We actually have
to hesitate on some to see if they could possibly be true. We really do not have to, but
to keep some civility in today’s madness against Jesus Christ, we need to listen first
then filter through the lies and what we end up with is an informed decision of truth based on the truth found in the acronym FBLT "no mayo" FOLLOWING-BELIEVING-LISTENING-TRUSTING in the story of God’s son (who we call nowadays in the pick-yer-own gender society of confusion) - Jesus Christ. Simple, truthful and everlasting proof! There is no claim to knowing anything more than what it says as guidance words of truth or as we have heard before “printed words of powerful healing truth” – found in scriptures from the Holy Bible written by mans hands with divine interference from God whom we may not understand at all most times. It is the tiny times we do understand what God is saying and when we have those tiny times we need to stop and listen to what the direction and message is for us at that exact moment.  ~Wikipedia ~

Destroying lucifer's lies Our most precious senses have been tricked and maligned with the enemy. What we SEE and what we HEAR manifests into what we SAY! The purposeful sabotaging of truth and the ridicule of a lifetime of foundational standards that support and believe that there is a God and HE did in fact in a very strange yet simplistic way sent a human form of HIMSELF so we could have eternal life in an even stranger way of existence but seems like a great alternative to doom gloom and despair with all the yelling and attempting to control how we should think, feel and now-a-days even breathe! If not how THEY say we should – the violence breaks out and the lies thicken and now we have human stupidity stew – lucifer’s special and now not so secret recipe of deceit, deception and destruction!

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